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Greetings and Salutations!

Welcome to CommunityBookstore.net, the online home of one of Brooklyn's Oldest and Most Beloved Independent Bookstores.

You can use the "Get Books" section, a fully up-to-date commerce site, to reserve books at the store, order books to be shipped directly from distributors to anyone in the country, or just search around books in print. Want a book about which you can remember only the vaguest details? Don't waste your time searching around fruitlessly, use the "Ask us" query option to let us waste our time. (Oddly enough, this is actually our job — ain't life great?)

To find out the schedule of all our great upcoming readings, bookgroups and happenings, drop by the "Events" section. You can also peruse archives and information about what we've done before.

"Information" is, well, information. Useful factie-type-stuff you might want to know.

"Messing About" is the fun part (we modestly hope). A catch-bag, grab-all blog of what pops into our collective heads. Here we record the Anecdote of the Day. We post Lists of Books we think look nice together. We review books. We put up short stories we like. And more! You can play too!

Finally, if the site gives you the impression that both stores, brick and virtual, are entirely overrun by outrageously self-actualized animals ... well, I have no idea what you're talking about. You must be thinking of somewhere else.